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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is expected to make a full recovery after he was allegedly attacked with a hammer by an intruder at his San Francisco residence on Friday.

The media reacted to the incident with an analysis of the possible reasons. Police have identified the assailant as David DePape.

Texas-based syndicated radio host Joe Pags said friday that he was confused by people trying to blame the incident on former President Donald Trump.

“I saw some so-called media trying to say he was a Trump guy,” Pags said. “The picture of his (DePape’s) house where the neighborhood calls it a hippie house, has a pride flag and he’s married to a nudist, and they have a bunch of naked kids.”

Pags reiterated that DePape is the furthest thing you can get from a “Trump-supporting MAGA guy.”

“He’s none of that,” Pags said. “He’s someone you’d expect to be around Nancy Pelosi. I wonder what she (Pelosi) did to make him want to go to her house?

According to Bloomberg, DePape broke into the house and started shouting, “Where’s Nancy?” Aerial views Friday around the Pelosi home showed a perimeter secured by a wall.

“How did he get in?” Pags asked. “I heard the police came because of a wellness check. “I’m not making any allegation, but you think there’s a bit more to the story.”


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