What are the benefits of a car loan?

When buying a car, the question arises: pay in cash or borrow? And is that best at the bank, or better at the car brand? We ask Good Financial, our specialist in the field. He tells you exactly what you should take into account.

Will I pay my car in cash, or can I borrow better?

Will I pay my car in cash, or can I borrow better?

Good Financial: “Of course, this depends on the situation. But in the current context, we can generally recommend a car loan. Even if you have enough money to pay in cash. Why? First, you save your savings. There you will be happy with unexpected costs, secondly, the interest rates of our car loan are low, and finally the car loan offers you more options to purchase, making that slightly larger or better-equipped car feasible. car dealer. “

What forms of car loan are there?

What forms of car loan are there?

Good Financial: “The financing of a car by private individuals is either through an installment loan or through an installment sale. Good Finance only offers an installment loan. This allows you to borrow up to 120% * of the purchase amount, without an advance .In the case of installment sales you must pay an advance of 15% in cash. “

Where will I take out my loan: at the car brand, or at the bank?

Good Financial: “Of course, that choice depends on part of the bank you choose. But in the case of Good Finance: at the bank, no doubt.

You get several benefits:

  • Competitive rates. A personal, flexible solution. Longer duration? Pay for a piece yourself? Borrow a little extra to pay the car insurance? Can all.
  • Comfortable payment: you determine the duration, and therefore also the amount of your monthly repayment, naturally within the rules laid down by law.
  • Smooth request: online or in one of our offices.
  • You receive the money in your account or via a bank check.
  • You do not need to change anything: it is not necessary to have a Good Finance account for a Good Finance car loan.
  • The same advantageous rates for new motor vehicles, mobile homes, caravans or second-hand cars younger than two years.

Did you know that car dealers themselves prefer a loan from the bank? That reassures them: they receive a check from you, and the delivery is complete. If you borrow from the car brand, this will be different for the dealer. So: emphasize that you take out a loan with the bank. Perhaps the dealer can lower the selling price a little, or he can offer you an extra option …

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