Watch Kansas City Royals vs. Baltimore Orioles: TV Channel, Live Statistics


After securing a well-deserved victory in Game 1 of this series, the Kansas City Royals have a chance to win the series against the Baltimore Orioles in Game 2 on Saturday night.

Hey listen, good things are coming to the Kansas City Royals! After a well-deserved all-star break, the Kansas City Royals came out and won by seven points on Friday night. We’re going to ignore the fact that Kansas City’s opponent was the Baltimore Orioles and just focus on the Royals beating someone 9-2.

Its good!

Yes, you have to know that the Baltimore Orioles are bad, even worse than the Kansas City Royals. And to be worse than this Kansas City Royals team is quite an impressive achievement, all things considered.

But hey, with this group you take every little bit of joy you can get, don’t you? The Royals have struggled all season, and the seven-point win ended a four-game losing streak that dates back to Wednesday, July 7 when Kansas City lost 5-2 to the Cincinnati Reds.

So, while this year has been a bit of a mess and it almost seems likely the Royals will shake things up by swapping familiar faces, Kansas City fans had a brief moment of fun last night with this win over Baltimore.

WATCH: Kansas City Royals take on Baltimore Orioles in series one after All-Star break

Now the Kansas City Royals have a chance to win a series for the first time since they beat the Twins earlier this month.

Here’s everything you’ll need to follow Game 2 of this series between the Orioles and the Royals:

Over the course of the season, it seems likely that title contenders will look to fight and rebuild teams like the Royals looking for players to help make a World Series more likely.

We’ll see what happens with all of this later, but maybe we can get another win to celebrate tonight that we can focus on for now.


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