Warzone™ Mercenaries of Fortune Topography


Although we know our way around a good war zone To lobby and save our own “meta-loading” documents for after-work sessions, uncharted territory calls on the developers at High Moon and Raven Software to help us craft these tips:

1. Fortune smiles on the curious. From knowing the history of the Farmer’s Fountain to not overlooking any (tombstone), Fortune’s Keep is full of secrets. Notice where enemy Operators attempt to pull off unusual stunts and often investigate your surroundings.

2. Golden opportunities. The mercenaries have left piles of gold in plain sight around Fortune’s Keep. Check the Banquet Table in the Dungeon, Cellar Cellar, Graveyard, Town Docks, and other areas for potential stacks.

3. Stay away. Operators will want to defend the keep from the fortress walls. Use Redeploy Balloons at the Grotto or on the coastal path from the Town to fly over the parapets and jump right into the action.

4. Fancy footwork. The city is a great place to learn parkour and jumping strategies – notice small gaps between buildings, as well as objects like umbrellas and signs, to find new ways to enter, above and around this bustling point of interest.

5. Relax at the winery. The developers of High Moon suggested that the eastern part of the island is the least complex of the new point of interest. New players, or those looking to get a slow but strong start on a Resurgence game, might want to set their drop-off point near here.

6. Meet at the crossroads. A high-traffic area of ​​the map is a four-way intersection between the Cellar, Camp, Lighthouse, and Dungeon. Quickly traversing the map is essential, but offers little cover and is highly visible, making it a risky route through several points of interest.

7. Escape from Smuggler’s Cove. Especially during Circle Collapses, Operators can easily get trapped in Smuggler’s Cove and its complex tunnel system. Use the arrows painted on the cave walls to find the nearest exit and be sure to pick up any free gas masks lying around.

8. Get money before visiting the market. The Black Market Supply Contract offers a potentially game-changing strategy that only becomes more lucrative with more money. Complete the silver mining event and other contracts, or explore Fortune’s Keep to build up those gold reserves before accepting this new contract.

9. Same storage, new tricks. Storage Town’s new location in Caldera makes it a prime position to fire at adjacent areas such as the airfield. Use your past knowledge of this fan-favorite area to collect items; Then head to nearby cliffs or warehouses to take control of that area.

10. You have a power boost! The armored SUV’s most powerful weapon might be its turbo boost – use it to get out of open areas, escape intense engagements, or take long jumps to create shortcuts through Caldera.

Rise on all fronts.


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