Vaccination surge as Covid rate rises



Pierre Verschaffelt

Selection of John Whaanga | Deputy Director General of the Ministry of HealthJohn Whaanga | Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health

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The Ministry of Health warns that maintaining a high number of vaccines is essential to eliminate Covid-19.

John Whaanga, the deputy chief executive of Maori, said that while 158 of the nearly 1,800 people who died of Covid in the first half of the year were Maori, high vaccination rates among older Maori helped protect this population.

He says there will continue to be peaks and troughs in infection rates as the nature of the pandemic changes.

“The biggest thing we can do to undo the effects of Covid-19 is vaccination, so we continue to make efforts to increase the number of places people can get vaccinated, the different modes,” said Mr Whaanga.

Over the past week, 11,205 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported, including 1,229 reinfections. and 17 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths attributed to Covid over the past two and a half years to 2,055.


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