Use Social Media Platforms This GE15, Says Former Blogger President


Cyril Dason Kerine

KUCHING (November 13): Many Sarawak election candidates still prefer to follow the conventional route of meeting people instead of using social media platforms in this 15th general election (GE15), the former president of the Sarawak Bloggers Society, Cyril Dason Kerine.

According to him, political campaigning via social media platforms was more evident in the previous general elections in 2018 compared to the GE15.

“Most of the online election materials this time around are also largely peninsula-based and it’s been pretty quiet for Sarawak so far,” he said.

According to him, such a scenario could be due to the position of the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) to decide to cooperate with any other political coalition only after the completion of the GE15.

“Peninsula-based alliances will have to woo GPS to form government, as GPS is expected to win many seats this time around.

“Most young people who are first-time voters are tech-savvy and probably can’t get home to vote, and as a result these candidates are focusing on those at home, while letting locals know about them. first-hand by meeting them on the pitch,” he said. nodded.

Cyril, however, stressed that the best way for candidates to reach young and old and spread information and a manifesto is to campaign online.

“Digital technology is the way forward and candidates need to embrace it whether they like it or not. The real question is how do they optimize it to win votes and public support,” said Cyril who started blogging since 2003.

He has hosted social media events, lecturing on how social media can be fully utilized to spread information and foster unity.

On the contrary, some experts in their recent studies have found that conventional or physical campaigns, such as going to the field to meet with voters, give lectures or “ceramah” and display party flags and posters, are still relevant. and have the power to attract voters, especially those sitting on the fence.

Whether conventionally or digitally, the people behind the campaigns have one goal: to capture the hearts and minds of the 21,173,638 eligible voters of this GE15.


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