Turkey teeth: British dentists warn of sloppy veneers


UK DENTISTS have shared a warning to people about the dangers of traveling abroad to get a brand new smile.

Known as Turkey Teeth, the cosmetic procedure has become a huge trend on social media platforms, with the hashtag having over 130 million views on TikTok.

It comes after a rise in the number of celebrities and influencers, including Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Jack Fincham, who have been spotted traveling to Turkey to have veneers placed.

But now UK dentists are warning people of the dangers after sharing stories of patients’ teeth dying/decaying, excessive pain and in some cases crowns instead of veneers.


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The mishaps and consequences of cheap cosmetic treatments have forced the NHS to pick up on and correct the mistakes.

A woman who traveled to Turkey to get her teeth done has since shared it was the biggest mistake of her life on her TikTok account.

Lisa Martyn took to the platform to share her pain and encourage others to research and think twice before undergoing the treatment.

It comes after Lisa spoke to the BBC telling them her teeth were “missing” which required long-term treatment or dentures.

What are turkey teeth?

The popular procedure is most often undergone in Turkey, seeing many travel to the country to get new teeth.

But to get the new teeth, 60-70% of patients’ natural teeth are filed down to the fangs or stumps.

This is before a dental cap is glued on top, the shape, material and color of which the patient can choose, with most opting for a symmetrical smile in stark white.


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