Top Meta official to decide if Trump can return to Facebook and Instagram in 2023


In the aftermath of the chaotic events of January 6, 2021, former US President Donald Trump was banned from most social media platforms. Almost two years later, Meta (more colloquially known as Facebook) is expected to decide whether or not to reinstate the Republican leader on the platform.

Reportedly, Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, has been tasked with deciding whether Trump can return to Facebook and Instagram in 2023. Meta’s top executive, at a recent public event, said he would make the final call in consultation with CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“It’s not a whimsical decision. We will be looking at real-world damage signals to decide whether, after two years, at the beginning of January next year, Trump will be reinstated on the platform. said Clegg.

It’s pertinent to note that Trump was banned from nearly all major social media platforms following the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, where Trump supporters allegedly tried to overturn the election results. The Republican leader has been accused of posting messages inciting violence.

While Twitter banned the Republican leader in perpetuity, Facebook imposed a two-year ban which will then be reviewed. However, since the ban was imposed, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.

Trump has created his own social media platform called Truth Social, where he regularly gives full insight into his mind. Although Trump did not comment on a return to Facebook, he made it clear that he would not return to Twitter, the microblogging platform.

“I’m not going to Twitter, I’m going to stay on Truth. I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’s going to make improvements there and he’s a good man, but I’m going to stay on Truth. At the end of the day, no, I will not return to Twitter, Trump said in an interview earlier this year.

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