TikToker hears radio host’s neighbor complaining about his show


In a video posted on October 28, TikToker Sabina (@sabinahbaby) “[found] outside [her] neighbor is a radio host ”after hearing him talk about her on the air.

“I have a new neighbor and all she wants is talk, talk, talk,” Justin says of “Brian, Ali and Justin”On Chicago WKQX radio station. ” It’s not that. I live here.”

He also says “don’t talk to me” about their conversations.

His neighbor Justin commented on the video, which now has over 2 million likes and has been viewed over 10 million times, saying there was “so much more to this story” and that he would talk more about it in his radio program.

Sabine posted another video set to “Linda and Heather Theme SongWhich is part of a dance trend for friends. In the overlay, she said “I really want to do this trend with my neighbor,” shedding light on the situation.

In other tracking video, Sabina sits in a car and listens to Justin on the radio telling her that she sent him a direct message and apologized for creating the original TikTok and offering to delete it.

“I was doing this TikTok, I was blowing up my own place,” she says, adding that Justin never said his name on the air. “And it blew up, and you were sending him hate, which he didn’t deserve.”

To Justin, she then says “it’s really not that deep”, that he doesn’t have to be her friend and that she will see him around him.

Commenters on the follow-up video wrote that they didn’t think Sabina needed to apologize to Justin.

“He first hit you online,” commented @eve_oystem.

“Don’t apologize,” @ kimtoten0 wrote. “Why is he allowed to say what he thinks of you but you are not allowed [to] post it and show him your hurt feelings !! ?? “

“He chose his platform to hit you, you chose yours,” @ chris111333611 commented. “I don’t see why people are so taken aback by their own actions.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @sabinahbaby, Justin and WKQX.

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* First published: November 2, 2021, 5:44 p.m. CDT

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