This live performance by Zach Bryan burns, burns, burns so well


Zach Bryan is the hottest thing ever. And the craziest thing with all his success is that he did it independently, virally. Last week the singer, who was still in the Navy at this time last year, released his new song “Burn, Burn, Burn”, now whether it’s because of this dude’s tweet or not will probably remain a mystery forever.

This summer, Zach was everywhere. He basically took over all streaming platforms when he released his debut studio album, the 34-track American griefand when his summer blues EP dropped legit almost broken internet.

Zach has been on an absolute tear this year, releasing his debut studio album, the 34-track American griefin addition to dropping his summer blues EP a few months ago. – Zach Bryan on his music volume

“Something in the Orange” really led the charge for his latest hit, he cracked the Billboard Country Airplay chart, and has hovered around No. 6 or No. 7 for weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart, which tracks airplay and sales numbers.

Over the Weekend YouTuber Taylor Hendrix downloaded some more internet gold for us, hitting us with this powerful performance on his latest single, recorded in Franklin, TN, at the Firs Bank Amphitheatre. Give him a watch, and if you aren’t already, do your best not to become a Zach Bryan fan.

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