The Carrot Festival takes place on Sunday at the Agudat Achim Congregation in Niskayuna


The Carrot Festival will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday October 10 at the Agudat Achim Congregation in Niskayuna.

Since its founding 43 years ago, the festival’s mix of delicious carrot cakes, savory dishes and a comprehensive list of kids’ activities has drawn thousands of people every year.

This year the festival will be a little different.

“We always keep in mind that even though there are no limits, we are still in the middle of a pandemic,” organizer Hillary Fink told The Gazette last week. “We want to be safe, not only for our volunteers who work, but for the people who come. So we continue to be very careful in planning this year. “

The organizers encourage the wearing of masks outdoors and require the wearing of masks indoors. Live music will not be part of the festival and the organizers have limited the number of vendors and activities for children. That’s not to say there won’t be plenty for kids and families to do. Kids can go on pony rides, see a reptile exhibit, participate in miSci activities, and have the chance to explore an airplane from the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville as well as the News 10 ABC Storm Tracker.

As the name of the festival suggests, food tends to be the star of the show and this year is no different. Festival volunteers have prepared 700 carrot cakes to serve, and they will also be offering potato latkes, chicken shawarma, a carrot festival breast sandwich, and a Mediterranean platter (falafel, hummus, pita and gravy. tahini) among others. Food will be taken out and there will be a drive-thru option for carrot cake and produce.

Vendors and artisans will be on hand to sell everything from candles to kitchen supplies to jewelry and more. Local radio station B95.5 will provide music.

Scheduled from 10 am to 4 pm, the festival will also feature a CDTA “Stuff the Bus” event and organizers are requesting that specific items be donated to local nonprofits (the full list is available at This year’s Carrot Festival is dedicated to Rose Westheimer, one of the festival’s founders who died earlier this year.

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