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Dallas, TX, Oct.25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Broadcast and channel automation technologies in a box make it easy to plan, ingest, trim, mix and convert SD to HD, as well as visual quality and content delivered to viewers. With Channel-in-a-Box, you can import video, create content by inserting logos, overlays, and ads, and then play it back before playing it to viewers on a set schedule. It also offers advertising billing to help the broadcaster make money. The term “channel-in-a-box” refers to a set that contains everything you need. Input interfaces for video input, real-time video processing for digital video effects, storage interfaces for getting the relevant content and output interfaces for playing back the final video produced, as well as for managing all the payment and commercial transactions.

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Before showing to the public, broadcast automation prepares the material by inserting logos, ingesting the film, and overlaying it. The market is expanding thanks to recent technical improvements that combine sound quality and functionality to provide producers and engineers with powerful and compact outboards. It is becoming more and more competitive, which is one of the main obstacles to the expansion of the market. Integration, on the other hand, is now widespread, making the future of the in-a-box channel easy to anticipate.

The significant expansion of the broadcasting industry around the world is one of the main factors behind the positive outlook for the market. Unlike conventional systems, modern CiaB systems can seamlessly integrate servers, mixers, routers, and content inserts to provide the necessary output.

Various technological advancements, such as the use of sound quality and features for a more immersive experience, are also contributing to the growth of the industry. Consumers expect high-definition (HD) and ultra-high-definition (UHD) hardware and games from service providers.

The report also highlights several peculiarities of the global In-Box Broadcast and Channel Automation industry by assessing the market from the break-up of the value chain. Moreover, the report encompasses numerous qualitative characteristics of the In-Box Broadcast and Channel Automation industry which includes market restraints, drivers as well as key opportunities of the industry. Further, the report offers an inclusive assessment of the company profiling as well as the local and global vendor market rivalry.

The Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market has fierce competition among new emerging and pre-established market vendors. In addition, suppliers in the broadcast and channel-in-a-box automation industry are attempting to capture potential markets to gain a competitive advantage over other suppliers in the industry. To conquer the market, market players enter into deals, acquire other companies and startups, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations, and intensify their commercial existence.

The market is divided into News, Sports, Entertainment, Cartoon and Lifestyle segments depending on the channel application. Over the projection period, the news section is expected to grow significantly. This high share is in part due to the increased use of software and delivery automation solutions, which make it easier to manage the material delivered to end users. Because they save energy, money, and integrate a range of activities, broadcasters focus on channel broadcasting and broadcast automation systems. These innovations also help eliminate the need for large manual systems.

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North America dominates the global broadcast and channel-in-a-box automation market which is expected to grow at a steady rate throughout the forecast period. The fastest growing market is expected to be in the United States. The expansion of the broadcast automation industry in the United States may be related to the ever increasing trend of research and development in broadcast automation and other broadcast television disciplines.

The major players in the global in-box playback and channel automation market are Harmonic, Inc., Pebble Beach Systems., Evertz., Cinegy LLC, Imagine Communications., Grass Valley Canada, PlayBox Technology (UK) Ltd ., Pixel Power Ltd., floral systems., Hardata, BroadStream Solutions, Inc., Axel Technology, Aveco sro, Anyware Video company., WTVision Solutions Pvt. Ltd., PlayBox Neo, SkyLark Technology Inc. and AQ Broadcast Limited. Renowned companies are offering new and modern broadcast and channel automation software solutions in a box. In addition, previously recognized market players as well as new market players are approaching the market with advanced and new strategic services and solutions and to remain competitive in the global market.


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Research Methodology

Chapter 3 Executive Summary

Chapter 4 Market Outlook

Chapter 5 Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market by Component

Chapter 6 Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market by Channel Type

Chapter 7 Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market by End User

Chapter 8 Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market by Channel Application

Chapter 9 Broadcast Automation and Channel-in-a-Box Market by Regions

Chapter 10 Competitive Landscape

Chapter 11 Company Profiles

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