Texans-Chargers 2021 regular season: schedule, game time, TV channel, radio and online streaming


As I type this, your Houston Texans currently have nearly two dozen players on the COVID roster.

It is entirely possible that the tally may have risen by the time this article is published on Friday afternoon. There’s no way the Texans will be forced to play a game of football in two days. Despite its earlier bluster that any organization that couldn’t field a team would forgo an upcoming game, the NFL has repeatedly moved games to accommodate COVID-decimated rosters over the past two weeks. The league is expected to do it this week for the Texans and Chargers. The game is expected to be moved to Tuesday.

But it hasn’t been moved yet, and there’s a good chance it won’t. Therefore, if the game is going as originally planned, here is what you need to know to watch:

Kick-off time: 12 p.m. CST on Sunday December 26.

Television broadcast: CBS.

A radio show: Sports Radio 610 (AM), 100.3 (FM) and SXM 230. NFL Match Pass also offers an audio streaming service.

Online broadcast: Viewers in the United States can use the NFL Mobile app if they have a Verizon subscription. Anyone can use the NFL Match Pass subscription service to watch the game.

Opponent’s Blog: Blue bolts.

Twitter: @battleredblog.

Facebook: Of course you like us. But do you really, really like us?

NFL Network Replay: To be determined.

As for what we’ll be doing for the game itself, expect “Countdown To Kickoff” to be released on Sunday at 8:00 am CST. The first open discussion thread for the Texans-Chargers will be launched at 11:45 a.m. CST. We will add live open discussion threads as needed during the game, and then have a post-match feedback thread as soon as the game is over.


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