Steve Price Says Old White Men Are Being Silenced By Cancel Culture


“It seems – if you bother to read this sewer of comments – that if you’re white or old and a man, you’re expected to have no opinion on anything.”

Regular radio and TV commentator Steve Price wrote an opinion piece in a national masthead claiming that old white men in Australia are being silenced by cancel culture and isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

On Friday, Price wrote an op-ed titled Cancel culture seeking to silence all but left, woke opinions in the Sun Herald, proving that – despite their dubious opinions – the old white men of Australia will never have trouble blowing their opinions to the masses.

The article in question followed Price’s appearance on The project last Monday, during which he threw a tantrum at the idea of ​​replacing the Australian flag. And, as you’d expect, his antics on national television quickly earned him widespread criticism online.

But instead of owning his dubious point, Price doubled down on his original argument, also dismissing the idea that maybe, just maybe, The project could have included some First Nations voices in the conversation.

“The wild left has descended into a frenzy of online cancel culture like we’ve never seen before. The common theme seemed to be that it was somehow disrespectful to even have our flag debate without a member of what we now call a First Nations person on the desk,” Price said in his op-ed. “It seems – if you bother to read this sewer of comments – that if you’re white or old and a man, you’re expected to have no opinion on anything, let alone an important valuable national symbol like the flag.”

Despite his opinion piece trying to push the narrative that he is being silenced, Price went on to point out that he had “been on The project office once or twice a week for more than 11 years”, which, by definition, has not gone unmentioned.

For those playing at home, Price is currently a regular at The projecthosts a daily radio show on Triple-Mand writes a weekly column in the sun herald. It cannot be overstated that this man has a huge platform on all three major media formats to shout his opinions to the masses every week.

In an incredible display of irony, Price then recalled his 26 years on talkback radio.

“Normally I pay no attention to any of them or their insane contributions, but to suggest that your age, color and gender – old white man – precludes you from having an opinion if not disagreeing with theirs is just plain wrong,” Price said. “These tribes need to be challenged, not humiliated, because everyone is entitled to their point of view. I’ve spent the best part of 26 years on talkback radio allowing anyone who wants to have a view to air unless they’re swearing or defaming someone.


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