Sports betting is now legal in Louisiana, here’s what it means for East Texans


SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (KETK) – Over the past few years, the sports betting industry has exploded.

Louisiana is now the 29th state to allow sports betting. It has become so big that you can find sports betting information on most sports channels, on the radio and online.

“Just see the joy this brings to those who have been waiting for it for years,” said Quinton Harris, Horseshoe Casino & Hotel Bossier.

Although sports betting is illegal in Texas, East Texans now have the option of betting on just about any sport a few miles away in the Shreveport area.

“We get all kinds of bets, our first bet is 55,000,” Harris said.

Bossier City’s “Horseshoe Casino” began taking bets on Sunday with a daring $ 50,000 bet on the winless “Detroit Lions”.

“You choose the sport you are looking to bet on and you can place the bet by inserting money or a voucher,” Harris said.

Louisiana casino owners are hoping East Texans take advantage of the closeness and increase their bottom line.

“It’s definitely going to help businesses a lot and I think it will definitely provide a better experience for customers watching the games,” Harris said.

You must be 21 or over to place a bet. Athletes, coaches or officials cannot bet on their own matches. Bets on high school or youth sports are not permitted.

“I hope that someday all 50 states will have it and then everyone can enjoy the games and bet if they want to,” says Harris.


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