Social Klique announces the launch of its social media platform where users


Social Klique is a startup where users can share memories while connecting and interacting with each other.

Social Klique Inc. today announces the launch of its new social media platform, “Socialklique”, where users create memories. Social Klique works with users who want to share their sacred moments that mean the most to them by engaging with new audiences in a meaningful and entirely new way. Socialklique also offers users a trendy way of social networking where people have full control of their content while surfing the site.

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With Socialklique, users’ posts are called a “memoir”, which details users’ special moments that they feel their respective audiences should experience. Users can access their friends’ memories by surfing the timeline, where they could see and interact with each other while reminiscing about each other’s memories.

By sharing a memory instead of posting their entire business for everyone to see on the internet, isers would have the opportunity to share their special moments like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, travel experiences, etc Like a virtual camera, Socialklique captures precious moments that users can keep on their profile pages to store information and save it for future generations to see.

“Socialklique is essentially the social network of the moment. We want users to feel special, to know that their life experiences matter and matter not only to themselves but also to their loved ones,” said Cory Baker, Founder and CEO.

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In recent years, social networks have grown in popularity. There are 233 million users in the United States alone, and that number is expected to reach 318.58 million by 2025. Millions of blogs, social communities, and social media pop up daily to find a group they can target. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Myspace and LinkedIn have over 100 million to 2 billion users creating a new era of socialization by connecting people through a profile, connecting them with others people who meet the same needs and desires. by becoming new friends. Socialklique is in an ideal position to facilitate this rise of social media and help deliver exciting new ideas to the already burgeoning social media industry.

“We want to provide a unique social network where people can interact with each other on a personal level. We hope that Socialklique will become a market leader for its exceptional service and recognized as a leading provider in social media. Our ultimate goal is to take social media as global empowerment through interaction, connection and socialization to the next level,” said Baker.

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