Signature Global Launches New “Kiraye Se Azaadi” Campaign


The property company Signature Global India Ltd. launched a series of television commercials (TVC) that address the daily struggles of potential buyers living in rented accommodation. The campaign focuses on the message of enticing shoppers to get ‘Kiraye se Azaadi’.

Signature Global is reiterating its core competency in “affordable housing” with this news targeting inspirational buyers and first time buyers, said Pradeep Aggarwal, President and Full Time Director of Signature Global India Ltd. “We try to depict the daily struggles of tenants often harassed by their landlords but in a playful way. At Signature Global, we always try to deliver homes that can turn into beautiful homes with all the necessary amenities for a family; with lovely families; far from the daily annoyances of the owners. These TVCs effectively communicate that underlying idea,” he added.

Conceptualized by TREE Design and produced and directed by SG Pictures, the commercials feature relatable stories. The first “Babuji” commercial shows how landlords do not allow tenants to make changes to the rented house. It shows a family of three; an elderly mother with her two sons sitting around a meal where the eldest son holds the picture of their late father waiting for the younger son to finish his meal and take turns holding the picture. In the second commercial, “Window”, a man is shown climbing up to his house on the first floor of a building with the help of his wife on the window as the landlord blocks the entrance to the house after midnight so that his boss keeps him busy late into the office.

According to the company, these commercials will be featured on all major news channels as well as various social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram etc. In the past, the brand has come up with innovative campaigns that have garnered great response from the public. many times. In this campaign, each of these stories is derived from ideas sparked by the daily struggles in the lives of tenants.

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