Santa Rosa Company Set to Capture Growth in Booming Amateur Sports Market


Pocket Radar Inc., a Santa Rosa company that manufactures radars for athletes and coaches to track performance, recently took steps to grow their business as the amateur sports industry continues to emulate professional sports. .

The company bought Scout Hub, a Texas software company that has an app that focuses on training programs to develop athletes. Owner Todd Blyleven is also Marketing Director for Pocket Radar.

Pocket Radar has also partnered with AthletesGoLive, a live streaming service for high school sports and athletic events. The company will provide in-game metrics such as launch speed during AthletesGoLive broadcasts as part of an upgrade package.

These steps were taken to help expand the reach of the business as new technologies that were once only part of major professional and college sports leagues become more affordable for amateur teams at the local level, Steve said. Goody, co-founder and CEO of Pocket Radar. . The company’s radar is primarily used by baseball and softball players.

“When you look at the systems they (AthletesGoLive) are building, it doesn’t look much different from a professional baseball game broadcast with numbers and stats. Their whole goal is to create a set of solutions so that mum, dad and grandpa can watch the game anywhere in the country, ”said Goody.

Private company Pocket Radar was started in 2009 by Goody, Chris Stewart, and Grant Moulton because the three of them knew each other as young engineers in the Sonoma County tech industry.

The emerging field of sports technology has become more competitive in recent years with the arrival of venture capitalists, Goody added. He declined to provide financial details on Pocket Radar, which, according to its LinkedIn page, employs 51 to 200 workers.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital and private investment money that fund these companies. We’re kind of in that kind of explosion that you see in an industry when a lot of investment money finally flows into it, ”Goody said.

The company expects to offer more services in the future to expand beyond its current customer base, especially since it did not suffer much during the pandemic as trainers were able to use the software. Pocket Radar to instruct players from a distance.

“I can tell you that we are now going through a different chapter of the business… we are growing. And that’s really wonderful, ”Goody said.

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