Repustar launches FactSparrow Tipline, a misinformation alert platform for fact checkers and journalists


MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Repustar, a nonprofit that creates tools to fight misinformation, has launched a new community product to help fact-checkers and journalists engage and engage their readers in support of the facts.

FactSparrow Tipline invites consumers on social media to alert fact-checkers when they encounter misinformation circulating online, and enables these organizations to respond quickly. This product builds on the technology and success of FactSparrow Twitter AI Robotwhich creates a new experience for users asking for facts in their social media conversations.

“Journalism organizations recognize that reaching readers today is not enough to publish high-quality content and that they must be actively responsive to unsupported online complaints and serve people when they need it,” said Chandran Sankaran, Repustar Founder and CEO. “FactSparrow Tipline helps them do just that by inviting the general public to ask questions and providing them with an intelligent, immediate resource. This lays the foundation for credible news sources to build a richer relationship with their readers and meaningfully compete with the flood of baseless claims online.

FactSparrow Tipline tackles a set of issues faced by fact checkers and journalists when trying to get advice from their readers, and it takes reader engagement work from a tailor-made task and time-consuming to an evolving process driven by data science:

  • Abuse screening: Critics of fact-checking and reporting often use traditional tip-collecting forms as a means to troll and insult these outlets. FactSparrow Tipline uses AI-based intent detection capabilities to filter and deter abuse.
  • Instant responses: Often the claims circulating on social media have already been verified, but they are simply not easily detectable by readers. FactSparrow Tipline uses a proprietary search and match algorithm to instantly scan the pool of fact checks and published news to see if a claim has already been addressed.
  • Continuous mobilization: As new content is written, fact checkers can use FactSparrow Tipline to quickly deliver their work to a growing number of interested fact seekers who have requested it, deepen relationships with subscribers, and attract new new readers.

Half a dozen fact checkers, including PolitiFact, Lead Stories, and Check Your Fact, are taking part in the first trials of FactSparrow Tipline.

“Receiving and sorting through readers’ suggestions about which allegations we should investigate is a real challenge for fact checkers, but FactSparrow Tipline solves several important problems,” said Alan Duke, editor-in-chief of Lead Stories. “Readers are guided through the advice submission process in a way that gives them immediate responses, while abusive posts are identified and filtered. misinformation trends.”

Repustar intends to bring FactSparrow Tipline to a majority of North American fact checkers in the coming months. Robyn Sundlee, Vice President of Engagement at Repustar, noted, “As part of our community program, FactSparrow Tipline has been made available free of charge to all fact-checking nonprofits certified by the International Fact-Checking Network, and other reputable, nonpartisan, nonprofit news outlets. We want this important tool to be in the hands of journalists who consider fighting disinformation to be at the heart of their mission.

Any organizations interested in deploying FactSparrow Tipline can contact [email protected] for more details.


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