Radio Paradise moves to Eureka


Internet radio pioneer Radio Paradise is thrilled to announce its move to Eureka, CA from Los Angeles, CA. Along with a new headquarters near the waterfront in Eureka’s Old Town district, they’re launching a newly refreshed website, branding, and completely redesigned player for their popular DJ co-ed channels.

Now occupying a large office space adjacent to the historic Carson Block building, the radio station – affectionately nicknamed “RP” by its listeners – is moving into the neighborhood, welcoming old and new listeners who stop in to visit the the head office. The new space has plenty of plant-filled lounges and employee workspaces, which will also welcome the public to its scheduled “Open Studio” during Old Town’s Arts Alive, which falls on the first Saturday of every month. from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Open Studio will feature a different local band or DJ each month, as well as a scheduled karaoke night.

RP was founded in 2000 by William and Rebecca Goldsmith in Paradise, California and quickly redefined radio for the internet age. Known for its eclectic DJ co-ed channels, RP is also known for bucking the traditional commercial radio format. Free to all users, the station broadcasts no commercials and is solely funded by the voluntary support of its listeners around the world. With over 300,000 registered users and annual site traffic reaching over 3 million unique visitors, the station has firmly established itself as an Internet institution. Over the years, Radio Paradise has been featured in Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and Popular Science – and they regularly make top lists of music streaming options. RP also sets itself apart from other services by offering the best audio quality available online.

No algorithm is used to create the RP channels. Instead, William draws on his fifty-plus years of DJ experience to create the four channels currently on offer. His DJ skills were honed during his time at well-known radio stations such as KFAT, KPIG, KLRB, WCAS and KPOI. William is also known for ushering in the world’s first full-time team webcast at KPIG in August 1995. Currently Radio Paradise listeners can choose from the eclectic Main Mix, Mellow Mix, Global Mix and Rock Mix, all mixed by William in the studio at the new location, a late 19th century vault in the Victorian era. Headquarter.

In the near future, the station plans to launch more channels, hosted by other well-known DJs, as well as a new interview-based channel, Radio 2050. This new channel will feature interviews, focusing on “doers”. “, and not “thinkers”, who are actually doing things to make the world a better place for future generations. The interviews, once edited and broadcast, will take the form of stories told by the subjects interspersed with music corresponding to the theme or the tone of the segment.These interviews will air 24/7 like other PR channels.

In addition to the new headquarters, website, channels and Open Studio events, Radio Paradise plans to launch a suite of tools on its website, developed over decades by William for his own production use, so that listeners curate and produce their own radio stations on the station’s website while using RP’s extensive music library. Going forward, select users will have the ability to add to the existing collection of over 1 million tracks, with 16,000 of those songs in the currently active playback library.

Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of William’s daughter, Alanna, to the PR staff. “I’m very excited that we’re both working together. She brings a deep love and appreciation for music, a wide range of digital skills, a phenomenal level of energy and tremendous enthusiasm for all that Radio Paradise is and can be,” said William.

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