Radio host Eric Ferguson leaves mix amid allegations of sexual misconduct – NBC Chicago


Eric Ferguson, longtime host of the morning show The Mix on WTMX 101.9-FM, announced on Friday that he was leaving the radio station amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, according to the Daily Herald media columnist , Robert Feder.

The radio personality, who has been absent from the airwaves throughout October, told colleagues in an email that he believed “to get back on air right now, in this environment, would be an unfair distraction for my co-workers and the rest of the morning show members who work so hard. ”

Ferguson faces multiple lawsuits after at least three women he worked with, a former co-host, producer and sales manager, accused the radio star of misconduct or harassment.

Melissa McGurren, Ferguson’s former morning co-host, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission late last year, claiming Ferguson sexually harassed her and created a work environment hostile to the Mix.

McGurren, who worked at the station from 2002-2020, suddenly stopped broadcasting in December and subsequently posted a video on social media.

“I just think the important thing is the truth and I hope, and not optimistically, that the truth will come out,” she said at the time.

Cynthia DeNicolo, a former producer, filed a lawsuit against Ferguson in May, saying he had forced her to have oral sex several times in 2004 and that her behavior was well known to station management.

“In 2019, Hubbard Radio… knew Ferguson was a serial sexual predator but decided to protect Ferguson to avoid losing the financial benefit of his top rated show ‘Eric in the Morning’,” she said in a lawsuit.

A third complainant, Kristen Mori, a former saleswoman at the radio station, alleged Ferguson slipped her hands under the jack and grabbed her breasts at a corporate Christmas party in 2003.

Writing to his colleagues, Ferguson said he was “energized to move forward” and defend himself against the allegations that have been made.

Ferguson’s full email to his colleagues posted by Feder is below:

Many of you have asked me if I am coming back to the air on November 1st. During the time that I wasn’t on the air, I had the chance to take a deep breath and reflect on my 25 years at WTMX, and take a break to think about what I want to do at this point in my life. life. The success that we have had and the gratitude that I feel is overwhelming. I would like to think that what we have achieved is unique and special in the history of Chicago radio.

For the first time in my career, I feel lucky to have been able to step away from the daily demands of morning radio. It allowed me to reflect, to focus on myself, my family and my health, and to gain a new perspective and a new resolve. I think going back to the air at this time, in this environment, will be an unfair distraction for my colleagues and the rest of the members of the morning show who are working so hard.

As a result, and after discussions with Hubbard management, we decided it was best for me to step away from the show. I am motivated to move forward and defend myself against the claims made against me and the resort, and I look forward to seeing them through. I am convinced that in the end the courts will rule and the right result will prevail.

I haven’t decided what to expect yet. What I do know is that I am leaving you in good hands. Whip, Nikki, Violeta and Swanny are true professionals and the best at what they do. It will be fun to listen to their success. I appreciate all the love and support I have received over the years from current and former colleagues, friends in the media, and most importantly the Hubbard family. But above all, I want to say thank you to the listeners. I was extremely touched by your continued support and your kind messages. It has been the honor and privilege of my life to have the chance to be a part of yours. Thank you for helping a boy from a small town in Elburn make his dreams come true.


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