Police investigate social media threats against Granite School District


SALT LAKE VALLEY, Utah (ABC4) – Granite School District officials are investigating possible social media threats against schools Thursday morning.

District officials were made aware of the threats on Wednesday evening. They say the threat in question is an image that has circulated statewide on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Classes are still taking place at this time.

Authorities believe the threats originate from an out-of-state school, but are uncertain as the image includes the letters “GHS,” an abbreviation for Granite High School, but the letters are not specific enough to identify them. connect it positively to Granite High School. right now.

“The same message is being shared and reposted statewide and does not appear to be aimed at a specific school in our district,” school officials said.

Authorities say there is an additional threat specifically targeting Matheson Junior High which police are also investigating at this time.

As a precaution, an additional police presence will be on the school campus throughout the week. The Granite District Police Department has been working with the Unified Police and other agencies on the situation.

School officials are asking parents for help in monitoring their children’s social media feed. They are asking parents to encourage their children to always report anything suspicious they might see when browsing social media.

“Many of our students make good decisions and work hard, but this situation is an unfortunate reminder that some of our students are unable to use social media responsibly,” school officials said. “We have seen several cases across our state and even across the country: bogus threats posted the same way we are seeing this morning. These threats cause unnecessary panic and worry for our students and their families. “

Anyone can anonymously report unsafe behavior using the SafeUT app on a mobile device or online, or send an SMS to (801) 664-2929. If anyone has information relating to this incident, contact the police at (801) 481-7122.

“The best security system we have continues to be the eyes and ears of our students who contact trusted adults when they see unsafe behavior or situations,” officials said. “Please remind your students that we need their help to keep our campus and our community safe. “


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