PM Team Unveils Song About Show Written By Pittsburgh Musician


Pittsburgh musician Pete Bender is a big fan of 93.7 The Fan. This information became apparent after producing a song for The PM teamhosted by Andrew Fillipponi and Chris Mueller, whom he sent to the station.

“He walked into a professional recording studio and did a song on the show,” Fillipponi said. “This is the national/international debut of this song, titled ‘The Poni Express’, inspired by us.”

“Why isn’t it called ‘The PM Team’?” asked Chris Mueller.

“That’s a great question,” admitted Fillipponi.

The Poni Express was the name of Fillipponi’s weekend show on CBS Sports Radio.

“My name was mentioned there once,” Mueller said. “It looks like a love letter from George Thorogood to ‘Poni. It is what it sounds like.

“What do you guys think?” asked Fillipponi.

“I think he likes you. I don’t think he likes the show!” Mueller concluded.

The lyrics of the song, which was broadcast in the last segment of the hourare:
The ‘Poni Express arrives on the line
Mr. Chris Mueller is fine
Talkin’ big stuff ’bout the ‘Burgh and our boys
You know the Pittsburgh teams, they’ll make noise

Well, hey, yeah, hop on the ‘Poni Express
You know they hang around and the Fan is always the best

Yeah, well they push the buttons and talk the talk
The best sporting cat that will always rock
Ninety-three seven is the place to be
And you’ll always be in good company

Well, hey, yeah, hop on the ‘Poni Express
They are number one and still up to the test

(harmonica solo)

‘Poni will always keep the sports talk (inaudible)
The back and forth mix is ​​like a time bomb
They’re on the clock, it’s such a good show
Better try to follow it piecemeal

Well, hey, yeah, hop on the ‘Poni Express
They’ve got it all, it’s a big sports love fest

Well the ‘Poni Express will take your breath away
You know you gotta listen the most every day
They know all the trouble, they never miss a beat
These two are so hot better not leave your seat

Well, hey, watch out, you’re walking the line
The ‘Poni Express looks good
You look good, baby, rock it!

(Harmonic only)


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