Phola online radio station on the horizon


Very soon, Phola will have its own online radio station.

A young director, Tilton Nkosi, who resides in Phola plans to launch the online radio station next month.

“We are currently busy organizing auditions. After selecting the group of people we need, we will train them for two weeks ‒ the first week will be devoted to theory and the last week to practical work. After that, we will hold a ceremony to hand out basic radio broadcast certificates on the project,” Tilton said.

Cebolelenkosi ‘aka’ Nyeva is Tilton’s partner and together they hope that with this kind of information people will know about the movement and maybe it can change someone’s life; they will even attract sponsors for the project.

According to Tilton, the idea for the online radio station started around June last year.

He discussed it with his partner who agreed to the idea.

They signed a 50% partnership agreement because both parties must contribute equally to the equipment.

“We hope to accomplish a lot and inspire our community, especially young people. We plan to put Phola on the map because they expect a lot from us. We also want to educate, inform and entertain as well as provide broadcasts.

They believe the community will benefit from education, community awareness, job opportunities and community empowerment.

They will also do their best to ensure that the older generation has access to the radio station by involving the younger generation to help them.

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