Ontarian buys rare $1,800 coin from online auction and never receives it


A Scarborough man who collects NFL and boxing memorabilia also invests in rare pieces as a hobby and for investment purposes.

When Cresent Chew saw a rare 1948 Canadian silver dollar at an online auction, he decided he had to have it.

“The 1948 Canadian silver dollar is a wonderful coin and when I saw it I decided to bid on it and was the winner of the online auction,” Chew said.

Chew said that after winning the auction, he agreed to send the seller Impulse Fine Art Auctions $1,813.

But he has now been waiting for four months and the 74-year-old piece has still not appeared.

“It’s really hard to reach these guys. They had a fake phone number on their bill and I sent them about 25 emails and they won’t get back to me,” he said.

Chew became concerned when the phone number on the bill was 123-456-7890 and the Mimico address also on the bill was a PO Box.

Chew used the HiBid website, which is an online auction hosting platform, but the piece was purchased from Impulse Fine Art Auction.

CTV News Toronto contacted Impulse Fine Art Auction by phone and email, but our messages were not returned.

CTV News Toronto also contacted HiBid and while the company did not return our messages, the company told Chew in an email that “Impulse Fine Art Auction is no longer on our platform. We recommend that you contact the local authorities and file a dispute with your bank. We apologize for any inconvenience and stress you may have caused.

Chew had hoped he would receive the coin or his money back, but now he says he’s not sure he’d use an online auction again.

“It’s an expensive lesson to learn, but what can I do? »

The biggest online auction company is EBay, which has a good reputation for selling items and collectibles, but whichever site you use, you need to research the seller, check their reviews, and its reviews to make sure you will get your item.


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