NSB, the first group of Asian-American music, releases the single “you are my star”


Exceeding their pre-save goal just hours after teasing their music, the highly anticipated North Star Boys single was written and produced by Olivier Moyco-founder of NSB.

K-pop has become a global phenomenon on the rise over the past decade and NSB is a pioneer across United States as the first Asian-American music group to make major waves in the music industry.

Group as a content group in August 2021, NSB quickly captivated a loyal following with its engaging personalities, social media content, and fan encounters. The 7 boy band and their manager aim to inspire and be the Asian representation in media they didn’t see growing up. Their latest public outing has fans also known as “Stars” flooding the streets of Times Square in hopes of catching a glimpse of the musicians – LOOK!

Making their music debut and releasing their first single as a group, NSB teams up with HITCO for worldwide distribution. After the release, NSB is scheduled to perform at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

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About North Star Boys
North star boys is the first Asian-American content group, founded in August 2021. In their first six months as a group, they exceeded expectations by gaining millions of subscribers across all platforms including TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. The 7-member group of best friends is made up of founders and brothers, Olivier and Sebastien Moy with Régie Macalino, Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liangand Kane Ratan led by longtime friend, Tyler Bray. Coming together with a common goal in mind: to bring together and cultivate the most influential, creative and impactful Asian American creators to reach a common destination, the North Star, the young creators aspire to be the representation in the media that they did not see growing up. NSB collectively aims to inspire others and hopes to continue to do so as they transition into the music industry.

HITCO is a contemporary music and entertainment company, founded by LA Reid and Charles Goldstuck. The modern era music company formed in January 2018 is dedicated to artist development, content creation and cross-platform content. HITCO is made up of a roster of stars like SAINt JHN, Dixie D’Amelio and Outkast’s Big Boi.

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