Michigan Radio Awards – 2021


Here are the Michigan Radio Awards 2021. These awards were received in 2021 for coverage in 2020.

Association of Public Media Journalists

First place

Second place


Michigan Press Association Founded
2021 Wade H. McCree Award for the Advancement of Justice

The tax foreclosure lawsuit asks: How much can the government take from landowners?“- Sarah Cwiek


Edward R. Murrow, Regional * Large Market Radio Awards, Radio Television Digital News Association

* Region 7; consists of public and commercial stations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

Category winners


Michigan Associated Press Media Editors (AP) Awards

* Michigan Radio competes in the Large Market Radio category, which includes both public and commercial radio stations that serve Michigan’s largest market, Detroit.

First place

  • Best Documentary: Dustin Dwyer, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “This is still not correct. “An Inquiry into the Lakeside Academy”
  • Best Investigative Reporting: Kate Wells, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “More and more health care workers in Michigan are falling ill. What happens in the event of a shortage
  • Best Multimedia Narration: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “The 8th
  • Best Sports Report: Bryce Huffman and Doug Tribou, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Grand Rapids resident Minnie Forbes is part of Black League baseball history
  • Best Sports Coverage: Anna Clark, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Robert Anderson survivors seek justice from college that ignored them for decades
  • Best Use of Photography: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Photos of BLM events

Second place

  • Outstanding Information Operation: Michigan Radio
  • Best Reporting: Nargis Rahman and Sarah Hulett, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Mosques go virtual during Ramadan COVID-19
  • Best Public Service: Sarah Cwiek, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Tax foreclosure lawsuit asks: How much can the government take away from landowners? “
  • Best Media Coverage: Tracy Samilton and Lester Graham, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Flooding in Midland after dam rupture
  • Best continuous coverage: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Continued coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic ”
  • Best Investigative Reporting: Sarah Cwiek, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “A teacher has expressed concerns about safety at his school. Then he was fired. “
  • Best Newscast: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor
  • Best Digital Presence: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor
  • Best Multimedia Narration: Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor; “Children these days


Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB)
Station prices

  • STATION OF THE YEAR (Public Radio Group 2): Michigan Radio

Best in class

Merit Award

For awards received in 2020 and prior years, click here.


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