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Meta recently appealed to the Australian government, asking for a reprieve from any new regulations due to Apple limiting its advertising power in the country, TG reports.

Meta pleading with Australia to stop penalizing its platforms while Apple is also preventing the company from generating revenue is honestly hilarious to me for so many different reasons. First, the fact that just a year ago, Meta (then Facebook) haughtily claimed that it would block all owned platforms in the country if it didn’t stop suing them. Second, even a year before the Australian case, Meta had launched a massive campaign against Apple and its alleged attacks on small platforms and apps that relied on advertisers to generate revenue (conveniently without mentioning how much Meta itself even profited from these efforts). The fact that he has not only massively failed to intimidate literally anyone in these public tantrums, but is now asking for a break (while maintaining the pissed off tone of a 5 year old) is just awesome .

So what happened with Australia? Well, for starters, the country realized that Meta platforms made a lot of money by sharing news articles written by their own journalists and editors, while they never saw a dime for all these efforts. The government decided to target both Meta and Google as the main offenders, and imposed some sort of tax where a certain percentage would be paid to Australian writers and editors for the work they did. Google quietly disagreed, but decided to acquiesce fairly quickly. . Meta did no such thing and decided to be as hard to work with as possible. However, the government held firm and the tech company moved on.

The other incident concerns Apple and its tracking/transparency features. Tracking and transparency essentially prevents Facebook and Instagram from siphoning off user data without explicit permission. This means that Meta can no longer use the personal data and sell it to advertisers for targeted advertising and other relevant money-making. Meta didn’t appreciate that, launched a whole campaign, Apple didn’t budge, etc. Today, Meta is still doing well, and Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are easily making the company more money than it will ever need. Therefore, looking for more than a country that resisted your threats and a company that actively dismissed your complaints is just a little dull.

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