Living with the Country – Place Names with Rachael McPhail – Blueprint


During a night of online shopping in the heart of the pandemic, Rachel McPhail had the spontaneous idea of ​​writing the name of his country in the address field – and it stuck.

It was a small decision that touched the rocking history of place names in Australia, which has its roots in the colonial erasure of indigenous place names.

But since that night McPhail has built a movement called Place names in addresses, which calls for more space and visibility of traditional Australian place names in all areas of public life – and Australia Post is among its supporters.

She joins Blueprint to tell us more about how the project came about, why recognizing traditional place names is the bare minimum, and her next expensive post – an online database of all traditional Australian place names.

Living with the country

Understanding ourselves and our built environment as part of Country opens up a world of possibilities… what would that imply? Hear from an array of Indigenous Australian expert practitioners who shape the answers to these questions in places large and small.

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