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After a loss at Texas A&M, Alabama will travel to Mississippi State for a visit Saturday at 6:00 p.m. CT in Starkville. Prior to that, the “Hey Coach Show with Nick Saban” will air Thursday night.

Here is a taste of what is said. Refresh the page for the latest.

Fourth segment

– “Our team last year had a great sense of purpose,” said Saban. They were ready and excited for every game they played because they were upset about the end of the 2019 squad. They were older and more experienced with strong leadership. The motivation was internal, “it’s what you want it to be, not external”.

Third segment

– Saban said there were a bunch of players on the team who were having trouble sleeping. There are those who have a “bad sleep” like spending too much time on the Internet or doing other things.

– Saban said it was “unheard of” to have only one fumble recovered this season. They have to attack the ball more and force more fumbles.

– Last week was the last time “I can remember” that Alabama lost the revenue battle, “Saban said.

– Saban said he doesn’t worry about other teams having weeks off before playing them. He said what only matters what Alabama does. “They could have a month off.”

Second segment

– Does Saban know a match day when the team isn’t ready? He said it’s hard to be “in place” for every game. “We have a lot of guys who have never lost a game,” said Saban. “So you forget the feeling. “

– In calling last week’s game a trap game, Saban said the trap is in your own head. It has nothing to do with the opponent of Texas A&M but it was in their own head.

– Saban said “we are not supporting very well.” He said they played well in parts of every game and poorly in every game.

– Saban said they handle noise a lot better at Texas A&M and it’s a lot louder than in Florida.

– Saban said they handled noise much better at Texas A&M and that it was much louder than in Florida.

– Peewee from Grand Baie said over the phone he was disappointed with the reaction from Alabama fans to the loss. He’s tired of hearing fans calling for the sacking of offensive and defensive coordinators. Saban said he heard nothing of this speech.

– “Don’t think that you feel worse than us,” Saban said. He said you have the right to criticize them, but the positive vibes help a lot more than the negativity.

First segment

– “I enjoyed that smiley face for almost 40 years,” said a smiling Saban of his wife Terry who is sitting at the front of the restaurant.

– “We’ll find out,” Saban said when asked if his players learned and listened to all the advice during the week after losing to Texas A&M.

– “In life you get what you deserve,” Saban said.

– Saban said anxiety arises when you don’t prepare yourself the right way. This is what happened last week.

– Saban said he was on Zoom with a non-US recruit. The father said he knew the “Alabama standard”. What does it mean? “You are doing things right with all your might,” Saban’s father told him.

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