Liberia: former Renaissance employees in the United States launch an Internet radio station


Diaspora – A Voice of Diaspora (VOD) webradio established by a group of former employees of Renaissance Communications Incorporated currently based in the United States has been launched.

According to a report from Maryland USA, the Voice of the Diaspora (VOD) will meet the information needs of both the diaspora and the home audience, focusing on key stories emanating from Liberia as well as the United States. , will produce documentaries on events, education and entertainment.

The establishment of the online news outlet was born by former Liberian journalists who worked for Renaissance Communication, Truth FM with the aim of creating an alternative link between Liberians at home and abroad by propagating their web posts.

As a guest speaker at the launch of the website and a reunion program for former RCI employees in the diaspora, Mr. Laraamand Nyonton, a humanitarian and aspiring representative of District # 12 of Montserrado County, highlighted the importance of radio as a tool. to advance national development.

He urged VOD Radio’s management to take advantage of existing technologies to expand the reach of its network in Liberia and beyond, but cautioned, however, that truthful and unbiased reporting is essential for effective journalism.

Speaking further, Mr. Nyonton explained that unlike newspapers and television, the power of radio is greatly felt due to its wider coverage and accessibility.

Commenting on the recent World Bank report which shows a clean picture of business on Internet accessibility, Mr. Nyonton said that out of 5.2 million people in Liberia, only 400,000 people have access to Internet facilities. This, according to him, must be reversed.

He also advised the management of VOD Radio to unite their efforts to expand its network through a partnership with community radio stations in rural Liberia.

The management of VOD Radio expresses its gratitude to Mr. Nyonton for honoring his invitation and is committed to making VOD Radio a formidable force in the world of Radio.


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