LG U+ Selects Media Links for National 4K Ultra High Definition Network Expansion


Media Links concludes a new agreement with the South Korean LG U+. Media Links will provide hardware and software to LG U+ to build its new nationwide 4K/2K/HD/UHD media backbone network that will provide media transport services to one of Korea’s largest broadcasters, MBC-Munhwa Broadcasting Corporatoin .

The Media Links MD8000 IP-based media transport platform and ProMD EMS enhanced management software will ensure that LG U+ can deliver high-quality, low-latency video and media content to its streaming customers within an infrastructure designed for better performance and efficiency. MBC Korea will use the LG U+ network and Media Links solutions to transport broadcast content to and from its nationwide network of regional stations.

“We are honored that LG U+ is selecting Media Links for its extensive network upgrade,” comments Toshiyuki Naka, Senior Vice President of Asia Sales at Media Links. “With continued bandwidth demands and demands for new media services over IP networks, LG U+ must be able to accommodate its high-capacity customers like MBC with seamless two-way video streaming and content contribution. We look forward to continuing to serve LG U+, MBC and other leading service providers and broadcasters in the Asia Pacific region as their IP media transport needs evolve.

The MD8000 media transport platform delivers impeccable quality of service with its robust design, supporting both equipment and network redundancy with transparent protection switching, error correction, low latency and bi-directional operation. The MD8000 product suite is an adaptable solution for transporting uncompressed or compressed 4K, 2K, 3G, HD, SD-SDI video and audio, as well as data. ProMD EMS software provides the ability to provide and monitor multimedia services, manage network activity, and detect and isolate equipment problems.


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