Kyle Sandilands reveals his King Kyle business is now worth $ 100 million


Kyle Sandilands has lifted the veil on how he went from being a radio shock jock to owning a $ 100 million empire.

Shock radio jock Kyle Sandilands has lifted the veil on how he built a business empire worth over $ 100 million.

The 50-year-old explained how his main breadwinner, an investment firm called King Kyle, got a valuation of around $ 100 million.

The controversial host turned his successful radio career into business in 2012 after founding the company. King Kyle has recently expanded into content creation and music production.

The company offers a wide range of services, including drinks and TV show productions.

He explained that King Kyle was born after watching his mother struggle financially.

“I didn’t want to put (my money) in equity portfolios because I like being in control. I saw my mother lose a lot of money when the financial market crash happened, he told the Daily Mail.

“She wasted most of her savings, and I was just like, ‘Hmmm. I do not know this field of activity ‘

He also added that despite his lack of knowledge about the industry, he had other skills that contributed to King Kyle’s success.

“I’m not an expert at anything except to talk shit. But I’m also a really good listener, so I listen to everyone I employ to manage different parts of the operation… and then I watch everything, ”he said.

Despite the booming business, his listeners will be happy to learn that he doesn’t plan to end his radio career anytime soon.

This is despite recent clashes with management over the content produced on the show. He received a complaint from the management of KISS FM after he broadcast a segment where a producer performed oral sex on a ham sandwich.

This is nothing new for the controversial host who describes the arguments between the management and himself as “argy bargy”.

He added that he was happy to see his ex-partner Imogen Anthony appeared on Big Brother VIP.

“I was happy that she was doing this because I knew she had always wanted to do this. So when I heard she was going to do that, I was like, ‘Oh, she’s going to be thrilled,’ ”he said.

“I wish the best for her and there is no real meanness there. And she’s holding on and looking pretty happy, and I’m happy. I have no problem with my old girlfriends.

Sandilands is now dating his former assistant Tegan Kynaston. She is now communications manager for King Kyle.


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