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There are no “talking heads” screaming on this radio station. No lyrics to debauchery songs.

KETI FM is aimed at a family audience.

The station debuted in December 2017, according to Waves of Wisdom president Eric Harris. Waves of Wisdom, a 501 (c) 3 was created in 2013.

KETI is what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls an “LPFM” or Low Power FM station (for frequency modulation, as opposed to AM or amplitude modulation).

The FCC describes LPFM as a special class of license that was established to “create opportunities for more voices to be heard on the radio.” Stations cannot exceed 100 watts.

Arlene Harris describes the station as “farmers and ranchers” and describes the station’s format as “Christian and conservative”.

There is no KETI studio in downtown Fairfield. Instead, the programming is transmitted via satellite to a receiver located in the tower, near Fairfield. The satellite signal is received and then broadcast from the antenna, which is about 70 feet high.

Due to the tower’s remote location, power is supplied by a solar panel and a wind turbine, which in turn charge a 24-volt battery.

But don’t let the setup fool you. As I tuned into the station on the radio in my truck, the signal was crystal clear.

FM is a line-of-sight signal, which means that for a clear signal, the broadcast antenna and the receiving antenna must be “in sight” of each other. The signal reaches Choteau in the north and falls when you go south of Transformer Hill.

Programming is provided by LifeTalk Radio and is broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The program, which can be viewed online at, includes a wide variety of children’s programs, music and shows that offer health and fitness insight, Bible lessons and programs. family oriented.

National and global updates are provided regularly in the programming of LifeTalk and are provided by Salem Radio Network

In addition to Eric Harris, the other board members are Gayle Harris, Denver Harris and Randy McCann.

Gayle told The Sun Times that she enjoys listening to the programming in the winter, but is also fun to listen to while driving the tractor. Her favorite shows are “New Life Line” and “Your Story Hour” which is a children’s show.

Arlene said her favorites are “Bible Answers Live”, “Walking on Water” and “Unshackled”. “Walking on Water” features bluegrass music.

The station is supported by donations. Anyone interested in making a donation or who may have questions or comments can contact Waves of Wisdom by email at eharris23[at], or by mail: Waves of Wisdom, Inc .; 41 4th way NW; Fairfield, MT 59436.


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