How to end Radio Silence in Deathloop


Radio Silence is one of Deathloop’s visionary tracks that you can follow to discover one of the last actions you need to perform in the game. It is also one of the longest missions you will take on in the game, with several twists along the way. This guide shows you how to accomplish the mission in the most efficient way possible.

Step 1: Discover the power station

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Your first action is to investigate the Complex’s power station. You can only do this in the morning because Julianna has ordered the Eternalists to close the area before noon. Make your way to the power station by following the waypoint, but be careful to squeeze in as much as possible. Many Eternalists are gathered outside the Power Plant, making it difficult to get inside. If you can, use the Aether Slab to sneak up and hack the turret in the doorway to take out some of your enemies for you. Once inside the powerhouse, you will find that the door inside is open.

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Head inside and you’ll find a new area filled with Eternalists. But, before you take them, check the desk. Here you can see four switches and four locked doors, one for each of the main locations in the game. These will become important very soon.

Go down the stairs outside this room and take out all the Eternalists. Then, go through the doors between the generators and also kill the Eternalists inside. With all the enemies out of the way, you need to find a battery. If you go up the stairs, there’s one at the very top just above the railing, sitting on a chair. Alternatively, the zero field generator in the next room has one. Deploy it and then remove the battery from it while it is active.

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You need to charge this battery in the charger between the two parts. Bring the fully charged battery into the first room you entered on your way down the stairs. Both generators here have buttons, but they don’t work. You must put a battery in the slot above the button before pressing it. A fully charged battery can be used on both of these generators. When they’re both on, head back to the office.

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With 200 units of power in circulation, you can send energy to the complex to unlock the locked door here. This gate opens the way to Tidevarv Station, which you must now explore. Take a look at all the documents and files in the region. You need to find one that mentions Archives, which gives you the next location for you to explore.

Step 2: Consult the archives

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Initially, you can go looking for the archives, which are in Updaam, any time of the day, so go there at noon right after entering the complex’s power station. The Archives are near the entrance to your tunnel, but they are blocked. A note on the building shutter tells you that an Eternalist will leave an open space for someone else to come in this afternoon. So head to the exit for now and come back in the afternoon.

Step 3: Archives in the afternoon

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Effectively, when you come home in the afternoon, there is a hole in the shutter for you to enter. So go up the stairs and carefully examine the room. The file you need to pick up is in the library, protruding very slightly.

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This file directs you to the RAK. It’s a locked door at the bottom of a few stairs to your right as you leave the space in the shutter leading to the Archives. Go down there and read the note on the door. This is important because it gives you a code that you will need to use later in the powerhouse. Ours was 094, but yours may be different. You can enter the RAK with a password from the same zone, but you will not be able to enter through the main door without three more passwords.

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The door will only open if you get three passwords from the remaining three locked doors that you have not explored. These are only accessible after being powered up at the control panel in the morning. For now, that means you can’t progress any further until you start a new day. Use the evening to explore a new area and find an exciting way to kill a visionary. Then return to the power station the next day.

Step 4: Return to the power station in the morning

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Go back to the central and repeat what you did the first time. Enter and kill all the Eternalists in both rooms. Then instead of using the battery to charge only two generators, use it in both rooms and power four generators. In the second room, you will notice that there is a tunnel on the right side as you go through the door. It’s behind the vehicle parked in there.

Follow the tunnel and you will find two more generators. However, these are guarded by traps. Sneak up to the first generator and carefully deactivate the laser traps surrounding it. You’ll have to jump one at the end, walk along the catwalk, and hack the turret before it shoots you, and you can continue. It’s much easier with the Ether Slab. Turn off all lasers, then move on to the second generator. This one is surrounded by proximity mines, so carefully deactivate them when you get near it. If any of these traps explode, they will destroy the generators.

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Once all the traps have been deactivated, power up these two generators. You may need to go back to the battery charger, but it’s worth having 600 units of power in a morning. Go back to the desk and you will see three dials at the bottom left of the four yellow switches. Enter your code from the RAK gate, ours was 094, and this will open the switch boxes.

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Send power to Updaam, Fristad Rock, and Karl’s Bay. There is no need to send current to the Complex since you have already explored this locked door. By sending energy to the other three locations, you can successfully explore all of the locked areas during the rest of the day.

Step 5: Visit Sova Station at Fristad Rock

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The first station we went to was the Sova station in Fristad Rock. The gate is just around the corner from the main entrance where you will find Fia. Take out the Eternalists and go inside. Search everywhere until you find the password you need. You will get an onscreen prompt once you do that. Then you can either kill Fia and get a new slab or upgrade, or just head for the exit.

Stage 6: Akkar Station to Karl’s Bay

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The next station we hit was Akkar station in Karl’s Bay. It’s out of the way, just around the corner from the sheds on the waterfront. When you walk inside you’ll have a conversation with another Colt and pick up an audio log from which you can get the next word out. past.

Stage 7: Yasen Station in Updaam

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The last station to reach is Yasen station in Updaam. Make your way among the masses of Eternalists who have gathered in the region and you will find the final password for the RAK. You can now either kill the visionaries in the area or take a peaceful exit.

Step 8: Return to the RAK

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The last step is to return to the RAK the next morning. Go downstairs and unlock the door with your passwords to finally enter the room and get a good look at the RAK. There will be a new story cutscene here which is quite haunting if you pay attention. This ends the mission.

Now that you have completed Radio Silence, you can return to RAK at any time of the day. However, this doesn’t work without some level of loop destabilization. This means that you have to kill the Seven Visionaries before you can use the RAK to finally reach Julianna. When you figure out how to do this, this is where you need to come, so make sure the last place you end up in the evening is Updaam.


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