Government asks PR agency for ‘Twitter trend’


Task listed in RFP issued by Hyderabad Liberation Day Publicity Center

Task listed in RFP issued by Hyderabad Liberation Day Publicity Center

A day after a request for proposals (RFP) issued by the Union Ministry of Culture featured “a Twitter trend” on ad agencies’ to-do list and received widespread criticism for it, the The ministry’s arm’s-length organization, the Center for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) issued a corrigendum explaining what the test entailed and clarified that it did not include paid tweets.

“The scope of work indicated under the relevant line items A Twitter trend indicates that the integrated entity should collaborate with various stakeholders with the aim of increasing the reach of the event on social media platforms in order to facilitate the participation and mass engagement. The scope is, in particular, applicable to social media platforms such as Twitter, where trending can be done organically without any financial consideration,” the corrigendum reads.

On Thursday, the CCRT launched the tender for “advertising and media management agencies” for the Hyderabad Liberation Day advertisement from September 15-17. Apart from the usual publicity activities such as radio and television campaigns and billboards across Hyderabad, the tender included “Trending a Twitter on 17th September 2022 starting at 08:30 am”. Ads on social media sites and advertising through influencers were also included.

In response to the announcement, the Telangana government’s digital media director, Konatham Dileep, denounced the culture minister, G. Kishan Reddy. In a tweet, he said, “How low is @kishanreddybjp garu? RFP issued by CCRTI Director, @MinOfCultureGoI for Telangana Liberation Day celebrations, has put “Twitter Trending” in the scope of work! So, these days the Indian government also officially launches Twitter trends? @TwitterIndia (sic)”.


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