Gazprom-Media will launch a short videos platform


Russian company Gazprom-Media has announced the upcoming launch of a vertical short video platform called Yappy.

A mobile application for creating, sharing and viewing short vertical videos of up to 60 seconds in length, its main target will be users aged 14-34 who lead an active lifestyle, are passionate about personal development and career, and for whom personal recognition and material success is important. The release of the first version of the platform is scheduled for the end of the fourth quarter, the last closed tests to take place before the beginning of October / November.

Commenting on the platform, Alexander Zharov, Managing Director of Gazprom-Media, said: “The launch of the vertical video platform is a strategic step for Gazprom-Media in the implementation of its digital business development strategy. The Yappy platform will complement our ecosystem of digital services. Today, over 87% of people hold their phones upright and consume content vertically. And we are ready to provide this audience with a comfortable and modern Russian product. In addition, the central role in our application is assigned to authors and content creators. For them we have developed a practical functionality for working and editing video material. And for those who just want to watch the video, we are introducing recommendation services. The application has already passed the main stages of the beta test, it is now being finalized ”.

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