Friday: “After The Uprising” follows Ferguson activist’s search for answers on son’s death


This interview will be on “St. Louis on the Air” during the noon hour on Friday. This story will be updated after the show. You can Listen live.

Since the untimely death of her son Danyé Dion Jones in October 2018, Ferguson activist Melissa McKinnies has been trying to find out more about what happened to the 24-year-old.

McKinnies found Jones hanging from a tree in the family’s backyard, and St. Louis County police ruled the death a suicide. But McKinnies has long argued that Jones was not suicidal and may have been murdered.

She tried to share information that she said supported her theory, but said it came to nothing.

“It’s almost like they’re not talking to his mother,” she said. Saint Louis on the air. “He had a mother, he has a mother, who cares about him and loves him. And I base my whole life – I focus on finding out what happened to my son. And I deserve, we deserve, answers, not just to be excluded. “

Ray nowosielski

Episodes of the 11-part “After the Uprising” podcast series began dropping earlier this month.

McKinnies’ questions are the focus of a new iHeartRadio podcast, “After the uprising. Reporters John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski contacted McKinnies about six weeks after Jones’ death and have since worked closely with the grieving mother as well as other relatives, friends and members of the local community to try to ‘learn more.

In the promotional material, the podcast concludes that “almost seven years after the Black Lives Matter movement started from there, something is still wrong” in northern St. Louis County. He also delves into McKinnies’ journey as an activist.

“When I started it wasn’t because of one specific person,” she said. “It was really just because I was a mother and just tired of hearing about our children and our slaughtered young men and women. And I always thought he might one day be mine.

After Jones’ death, McKinnies withdrew from his efforts considerably.

“Mentally, I was forced into it,” she explained. “It’s because I need to try to heal [and] help my children to heal and focus on what happened to Danyé.

But she never completely left, she added. Since the murder of George Floyd last year, she has felt a renewed responsibility “to keep fighting for everyone”.

“I still have to speak for those who are no longer able to speak for themselves,” McKinnies said.

Fridays Saint Louis on the air, she’ll talk with host Sarah Fenske about how she hopes people will remember her son – and discuss her ongoing search for answers and changes in the U.S. justice system.

“After the Uprising” co-host Nowosielski will also join the conversation.

Producer Note: This conversation will include a discussion of sensitive topics such as suicide and aggressive policing. If you or someone you know is in a crisis situation, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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