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Fred Jacobs is full of… facts!

Each year JACOBS MEDIA Pres. FRED JACOBS and his team are embarking on AMERICA’s largest radio listeners survey to help you spot trends early in listening habits … and this year’s TECHSURVEY 2022 will be filled with exciting data points to give you insight into the direction your listeners are taking in terms of time spent, and how they view media and social media – and how they react to what’s available.

The first revelation will take place at ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 and you will want register for this event to get a front row seat!

JACOBS noted: “For the 2022 ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT, the goal is to make our new TECHSURVEY the most actionable national research study ever. We’ll break down the main findings and set up a strategic TRIPTIK, plotting the best course of action for radio in an increasingly crowded audio landscape. From smart speakers and podcasts to email marketing and merch, our goal is to create a roadmap that helps guide and support broadcasters in these trying times.

FRED will answer the following questions and more:

• What are the most important secondary distribution points for radio (mobile, smart speakers) and how can stations adjust their messaging to make the most of listening opportunities?

• If the pandemic continues, how can radio stations and personality shows best create experiences that engage audiences, whether in person, virtually, or through a hybrid approach?

• When consumers want to listen to a particular style of music (eg country, classic rock, hip-hop), where do they tune in first – satellite radio, a streaming platform, or a radio station – and why? What are the main advantages that differentiate radio from its growing number of competitors?

• Is listening in the car – especially daily journeys – returning to a semblance of “normal”? How does listening to the radio fit in the car, how well does the radio use the metadata on the dashboard displays, and how can broadcasters make the most of their local advantage over the years. that consumers are on the road?

• How can radio station mobile applications best deliver value and satisfaction to listeners? Which characteristics are most important – by format and by demographics?

• What are the most valuable touchpoints for listeners in connecting to their favorite radio station – social media, mobile, station events, Zoom meetings, station website, email, SMS – and how can radio make the best use of the most popular platforms?

Register for ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022, now.

The goal of the All Access Audio Summit 2022 is a positive change

The objective of ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is to bring together as many intelligent minds as possible. This includes creative thought leaders, real personalities, and decision makers armed with insightful research.

They will discuss the need for changes to rotate the arc of radio listening to be more in tune with today’s listeners and their expectations. Radio isn’t so “convenient” to listen to anymore – and we all know “convenience wins out”.

We want to discuss significant ways to improve content and make radio more engaging and again a real entertainment choice for 18-34 year olds.

We have over 50 speakers lined up. Our speakers will add greatly to the conversation when we talk about:

• The growing importance of radio personalities

• Do not leave the public without accounts – which leaves dollars on the table

• New ways to sell sponsorships for 20 minutes per hour of spots

• Return to the radio seat at the musical discovery table.

Watch where you want, when you want

Like ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2021, the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 is designed to make it easy to watch live as you go, or on-demand when you want it on up to two devices for streaming on APRIL 20 and 21, then on-demand when it’s convenient for you.

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See who’s speaking at the 2022 All Access Audio Summit

the ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022 presents this incredible lineup of creative industry leaders ready to share their knowledge and ideas on how to reset radio for success – with more speakers coming soon!

Plan to join ALL ACCESS for this must-see virtual event, ALL ACCESS AUDIO SUMMIT 2022, set for 04/20 and 04/21/22, which provides the industry with a platform where we can creatively discuss the many elephants in the room – and make some real, positive change.

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