EFL independent regulator could ‘prevent another Bury from happening’


This would see a Premier League levy that would help lower division teams

Author: Alex UsherPosted 18 minutes ago

The chair of a fan-led review of football said his recommendations would prevent another burial from happening.

Bury FC were kicked out of the EFL in 2019 – and former Sports Minister Tracey Crouch has said an independent regulator and a stricter fit and owner test would have stopped them.

Tracey Crouch said: “We have spoken to clubs across the pyramid, including Premier League clubs, who support the idea of ​​an independent regulator and certainly don’t see it as a threat to Premier’s growth. League or any other part of English Football.

Among other key recommendations, the report suggests that supporters should be given a “golden share” to veto major club decisions.

EFL President Rick Parry said it was something his body will support.

Mr Parry said: “I think a deeper dialogue with the fans is really hard to quibble. Protecting heritage, assets, stadium, name, colors that no one would quibble with, but it has to be practical. .

More recently, the Derby County Championship club took office after their finances were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The team was deducted by 12 points and currently sit at the bottom of the league after being deducted another 9 points for breaking EFL rules for profitability and sustainability.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire says all fans, no matter which club they support, want to see change.

“The regulator is not a panacea for football,” said Maguire.

“However, with respect to some of the key issues here in terms of governance, financial distribution, and the protection of clubs as community assets, there are benefits that can be achieved by having an independent party that doesn’t not acting in his personal interest.

“With the disappearance of Bury, Macclesfield, the problems of Wigan, Swindon, Rochdale, Derby County and so on, anything that fixes these problems is likely to be welcomed by the fans.

“A lot of fans came together and were protective. One Rochdale fan told me, ‘I hate Bury, but I want to be able to hate Bury because this club exists.’ These are rivalries, and we need a rivalry. We can’t have this if Bury doesn’t exist.

The football finance expert added: “Just giving EFL more Premier League money won’t necessarily work if that money is immediately spent on salaries and transfer fees. there must be a redistribution which must accompany a certain financial control.

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