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DuBOIS – Joe Taylor of DuBois, who is now retired after his 60-year career in radio, has written a book giving an “inside-out” look at how radio has changed dramatically throughout the period 1960-2020.

Now that he’s stepped away from broadcasting, Taylor has put on his writer’s hat, something he says he’s always enjoyed doing over the years. He believes in “writing what you know,” he said.

So, after six decades on the radio, “In the Twist of a Dial” was born.

In Taylor’s second book, he discusses advances in technology and other factors that have impacted radio over the years, with the aim of conveying the importance of local radio coverage in a community.

He recounts situations he’s encountered over his six decades in radio, from on-air shows to senior management, and the various people he’s met too, “funny, sad, flawed,” so that he was traveling to different parts of the country.

Taylor’s first book, “I’m Just Lucky to Own My Own Car,” is a collection of 60 short stories and poems.

When he was around 8 or 9, Taylor said he knew he wanted to be on the radio.

“I really like being on the air,” he said.

One of his most exciting memories, Taylor said, was spending three years working for KDKA in Pittsburgh, where he says “all ages” listened to the radio station and people on the street tended to listen to him. to acknowledge.

Another was when Taylor ran radio stations for US media company Metromedia, he said.

For those familiar with radio growing up, the book can take them back in time, Taylor said.

It was an “interesting race,” says Taylor, a native of Rochester, NY. He visited 27 cities over the years, starting in New York and traveling to several places over the years, such as New England, Ohio, Michigan and Connecticut, before deciding to spend his “golden years” at DuBois. Taylor found himself in western Pennsylvania when he started working for Sunny 106 FM, he said, and has lived in the area for 30 years now.

Over the years, he’s learned that most people who work in radio generally love the profession, Taylor said.

New reviews for the book, written in January 2022, call Taylor an “excellent storyteller”, who writes as if talking to a friend over dinner, calling him personable and humorous. One review says that each of the book’s 50 chapters “is a gem”.

Taylor is part of the Brookville-based Watershed Journal Literary Group, which holds group meetings once a month. In addition to having her work published in the quarterly literary magazine, Taylor enjoys the camaraderie of being surrounded by a wide range of writers. He has also been involved with the Reitz Theater over the years.

Taylor will participate in a “Friends of the Library” group event on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. at the DuBois Public Library, where he will read excerpts from the book. He also hopes to attend more book signings in the future, where he says he enjoys hearing feedback from readers.

“In the Twist of a Dial” is available on Amazon Books and at the Watershed Books store on Main Street in Brookville.


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