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A radio station in Denton has lost its “sax appeal”.

KNTU FM 88.1 unveiled the station’s new format on Friday, shifting from jazz to alternative rock. The new format is featured on a new website, 881indie.comwhile jazz programming will continue to air on

“Based on local research and feedback from underwriters, we decided the new format would have greater growth potential and energize students at the university,” said chief executive Dan Balla. “We are excited about the future of the radio station and the prospect of renewed involvement with UNT students.”

Broadcasting at 88.1 FM with 100,000 watts of power, KNTU is owned by the University of North Texas and housed in the Department of Media Arts.

Balla joined the station’s staff in September 2020 to work with longtime program director Mark Lambert and chief engineer Randy Smith. The station has six part-time middle management positions to give students the experience of helping run the station. Former KNTU athletic director Zac Babb was recently hired to work with Balla on a new venture videocasting Aubrey High School football games starting in late August.

“In recent years, it has been difficult to get enough students to work in KNTU’s jazz format,” Lambert said. “One of the goals of our new format is to appeal to younger audiences and re-engage students.”


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