Dee McLelland: Thank you Real Radio 104.1


One of the things about the technology that we have today is that I can enjoy radio stations across the United States, and in particular, Real Radio 104.1 from Orlando.

This station has followed me over the years because I have heard it in many ways. Sometimes it was only when I was driving through Florida and could get the station’s signal, but now I can get it every day.

In the 1990s, when I was working in the Fort Myers-Cape Coral part of Florida, I found a station that combined news and comedy, well, mostly comedy, but I felt like they were smart people and kept up with the latest national and international news as well as state news, but they also had a sense of humor that brought something to my airwaves that I had really never heard. previously I could easily pronounce the names of the shows by listening to, at first, the Monsters of the Midday, which would later become Monsters in the Morning, the Philips Phile, and later added to the News Junkie and now the Jim Colbert Show and the Tom and Dan Show.

You’ve been listening to this station for 25 years in one way or another and the character cast has expanded from every show Russ Rollins, frontman of The Monsters, Dirty Jim, Carlos (aka Blackbean), Savannah, Soul Brother. Kevin, Tuddle, Jeff Howell, Bubba “Whoopass” Wilson, Daniel, Drunky the Bear, Angel, Ryan Holmes, Angelique the Dancing Queen and many others who have crossed the microphones of the Monsters.

The show morphed and changed with the cast members coming and going and was the first radio show I attended on a live remote when the Monsters came to Fort Myers.

The show relied on “bits” of comedy and radio, but rightly emphasized the talents of its cast members by giving each a segment or part of it. show to show their abilities.

The Philips Phile was created by former journalist and news director Jim Philips and has been joined over the years by Jack Bradshaw, Moira, Jana Banana, Oddo, Jack Bradshaw and others.

Philips retired in 2018 and the show became the Jim Colbert Show where Dirty Jim, Jim Colbert, played another role as a host rather than sidekick on the monsters.

To be honest, Jim Colbert has always been one of my favorites at the resort and his “sticking his head through the drywall” attitude has always been fun for me. Jim is now joined by Deb Roberts, Rauce Padgett, and yes it’s Rauce as in sauce and Jack Bradshaw. The Colbert Show quickly became one of my favorites and Colbert did a great job putting his cast together so that the mesh between the subjects and the comedy was seamless. But, Rauce, man, you gotta let Jim read the scripts before Thursday at the theater!

The News Junkie got strong with his approach to radio and, best of all, the arrival of Shawn Wasson, Sabrina and C-Lane has become something of a fixture during office hours as long as the sound is somehow cut off. since he can get a little racy. Like. C-Lane drops so many great ads that I often laugh out loud.

The Tom and Dan Show which started out as a podcast still really is, but it once again showed why Real Radio has flourished over the years because these two guys, left the station, started their own concert and the station brought them back on board for the evening shift with very mature and witty topics.

I bring up all of this because after 25 years it seems like they should be advertising outside of Orlando and now that we have the technology I would like everyone to give them a shot at the IHeart app on your phone.

Thanks Real Radio 104.1. Come on friends, listen!

If you see me, say “Hey! “

Dee McLelland is editor of Coastal Courier and Bryan County News.


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