Dan Campbell on Jared Goff as Lions long-term QB: “I don’t see why”


With just two games to go in the 2021 Detroit Lions season, you can already feel the emphasis is on the offseason. The Lions have a lot of work to do to improve their staff despite a marked improvement in the game in the final month of the season.

One of the hottest topics for the Lions is their plan for quarterback. Jared Goff struggled mightily at the start of the year, leading many to believe that Detroit was going have to find a new quarterback early in the 2022 NFL Draft to classify. However, there was no notable college quarterback this year among the eligible players, and while Detroit has moved closer to one of the top two picks, most don’t predict they’ll be looking for one there. quarterback.

To complicate matters further, Goff seems to have taken a step forward lately. Take a look at his first nine starts of the season compared to the last four.

Goff’s first 9 games in Detroit: 220 of 333, 2,109 yards, 6.33 Y / A, 8 touchdowns, 6 INT, 84.0 passer rating

Goff’s last 4 games in Detroit: 91 of 131, 898 yards, 6.85 Y / A, 9 TD, 2 INT, 105.1 passer rating

With an improved offensive line, a caller change in play, the addition of Josh Reynolds and the emergence of Amon-Ra St. Brown, Goff has not only become a useful quarterback over the past month, but potentially a Well a.

So it’s probably not surprising that when head coach Dan Campbell was asked on local radio station 97.1 The Ticket if Goff could be that team’s long-term quarterback, he expressed a healthy dose. of optimism.

Here is the exact exchange:

Host: “Are you starting to think that Goff can be a long-term quarterback for you in Detroit?” “

Campbell: “Yeah, man, I don’t see why not. Look, he’s playing the ball pretty well now. Shoot he had just had his best performance of the season and then unfortunately he had COVID and he had the knee injury a bit so he had to sit down last week. But, yeah, there’s no reason – I feel like we’re starting to find our rhythm here, and we’re all starting to fit in collectively, from a coaching staff to the players as well. Maximize everything we have here, and I feel like we’re really improving. I have the impression that we are finding identities. So yes, I don’t see why. Look, he gets the job done, and all you can ask him to do is get better, too. So I like where he’s going right now.

Of course, Campbell has to say it. He’s been a big supporter of Goff all season, and there would be no reason for him to go public with any doubts he has about Goff’s long-term viability.

Whether he thinks Goff is the long-term answer or not, the 27-year-old quarterback will likely be in Detroit next year with a virtually standing contract and a potential cap that’s just as important as if he were to decide to keep it. So with a high probability that Goff will be the team’s starting quarterback again in 2022, of course, Campbell will give Goff his full support.

That being said, Goff has earned at least some degree of leniency given his more recent performances. He started the year under very difficult circumstances – with a receiving corps exhausted even by the one he trained with in training camp – and an offensive line constantly mixed with injuries. But it’s also hard to fully forgive Goff for some of the unforced errors he made in the first three months of the season.

We could have a very interesting offseason.


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