Commissioners to replace paging and radio systems | News


SMETHPORT – McKean County commissioners met briefly Thursday morning to set replacement rates for public safety paging and radio systems for the county.

“The Commissioners were involved with MCM Consulting to upgrade our radio system which is over 20 years old,” Chairman Tom Kreiner said at the meeting.

He noted that there was still work to be done, but agreements have been made to secure prices for 2021.

The Commissioners contracted with MCM Consulting Group Inc. in April 2021 to assess the existing public safety paging and radio system, identifying infrastructure needs, improvements and replacement opportunities.

“The goal is to increase the coverage and reliability of our public safety partners,” Kreiner said in a prepared statement.

According to information from the commissioners, McKean County has started dispatching emergency services with a single tower site, slowly expanding the coverage of the paging and radio system over the years. Although improvements and additions have been made to the infrastructure, current systems are at different stages of their lifecycle and have varying technologies, and providing consistent coverage remains difficult.

According to the commissioners, MCM Consulting worked with the county project team to identify current system needs and design a paging and public safety radio system capable of extending coverage and reliability while maintaining accountability. tax to residents of McKean County.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide recommendations for vital improvements from paging and radio systems to public safety infrastructure,” said Michael McGrady, CEO of MCM Consulting, in a prepared statement.

The design of the replacement system meets public safety standards for reliability and performance and will provide a robust public safety communication network for a considerable period of time to come.

Through careful design and pre-contractual rate negotiations, McKean County will realize significant financial savings by committing to 2021 pricing for subscriber units as they consider the must-have project and finalize negotiations with customers. providers on the infrastructure.

The recommended design takes advantage of the tower site paging equipment and infrastructure and strengthens the additional elements of a new county public safety paging and radio system.

“We have carefully considered the options and costs to optimize our coverage while being good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Commissioner Carol Duffy. “We are confident that moving forward will better benefit the county as a whole.”


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