Commercial Radio Australia releases advertising revenue figures for April 2022


Commercial radio ad revenue was in positive territory in April, up 8.8% from April 2021, according to data released by the industry body. Commercial Radio Australia.

Advertising revenue from the Australian capital’s top five markets totaled $56.184 million in the month, up from $51.636 million a year ago.

Ford EnnalsARC’s chief executive, said the steady increase in advertising revenue growth reflected the rebound of key industries from the pandemic and reliance on radio advertising to boost their businesses.

“April commercial radio revenues show sustained and strong growth. With Australians on the move again, we have seen a wide range of business sectors rebound such as travel, leisure, entertainment events and live music, which led to increased spending on commercial radio.

Ennals said election-related advertising would also have had a positive impact on ad revenue figures.

Melbourne stations reported a 13.7% year-on-year increase in advertising revenue to $18.761 million in the month of April compared to a year ago. Perth stations were also strong with a 13.3% increase to $7.443 million. Sydney rose 6.9% to $16.862 million and Adelaide rose 5.4% to $5.046 million, Brisbane stations rose 0.9% to $8.072 million.

The figures include agency and direct advertising revenue and were compiled by media data analytics firm Milton Data.

Media Week spoke to Ennals about his new role as CEO of ARC and life in his new home.

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“I discovered that Australia has a very vibrant and competitive radio market after working on an international assessment of radio around the world as part of a government review of radio in the UK. Radio here has been very resilient and has introduced a lot of innovation.

“My role during my decade in radio in the UK was to digitize radio consumption, which we did. Today 65% ​​of all radio listened to in the UK is digital. Radio in Australia seemed to be on a very interesting development path,” he said.


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