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Communicating faith through radio and podcasts

Find out how four Lutheran communicators create entertaining, informative and engaging radio programs and podcasts for the church.

Speakers: Director Neng’ida Johhanes-Lairumbe, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Upendo Media; Podcasters Rebecca Treimer and Christina Kwade of the “With Body and Soul” podcast “Mit Leib und Seele” run by German National Church Youth; and LWF Communications Officer Philippa Hitchen, a former radio journalist with Vatican Radio, join the LWF Global Communicators Network to talk about communicating through audio.

  • Director Neng’ida Johhanes-Lairumbe will talk about the social, religious and ecumenical impact of a Lutheran radio program in the Tanzanian context. Johhanes-Lairumbe will also share the story of Upendo Radio and what training a communicator needs to manage a radio station.
  • Podcasters Rebecca Treimer and Christina Kwade will showcase how the 10-person youth-led podcast team created the GNC podcast “With Body and Soul,” „Mit Leib und Seele“ a show about Lutheran identity, with no podcasting experience. They will share what they have learned along the way.
  • LWF Communications Officer Philippa Hitchen will talk about the history of Vatican Radio, the different styles of radio programming and how to present captivating live interviews.

English with Spanish, German, French interpretation (registrations pending)

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