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Caller Tim from Letherhead lamented the loss of freedom of movement for his children and grandchildren as he spoke out against Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy. The LBC caller claimed the government had failed to show the real benefits of Brexit instead of focusing on “absurd” policies. Speaking to Andrew Pierce, Tim said: “This is great, isn’t it? This is Brexit in short.

Let’s go back in time, go back to the 1970s, when everything was wonderful.

“Back to Imperial measures – that’s all they have to offer. You have a blue passport and Imperial measures.

“My children have lost the right to freedom of movement. It is an absurd Brexit victory because they have nothing else to offer.

“My children and grandchildren have lost their right to freedom of movement. My nephew and nieces have lost their right to Erasmus to study abroad.”

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Boris Johnson hailed the return of the British Blue Passport as one of the key signs of UK independence from the European Union.

He also insisted that Britain’s withdrawal from the Erasmus program would offer UK students the opportunity to strengthen their ties with other Commonwealth countries through a new exchange program.

In March 2021, the Prime Minister announced the launch of the Turing scheme which, unlike Erasmus, will be global.

He said: “The Turing program is a truly global program with all countries in the world eligible to partner with UK universities, schools and colleges.

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However, shadow Education Secretary Kate Green at the time hit back at Mr Johnson for breaking his promise by failing to provide underprivileged students with financial support to access the program.

Ms Green said: “The government’s rhetoric on the Turing project does not measure up to reality.

“While claiming to target disadvantaged students, the program does not provide assistance to cover tuition fees, which will make access to these opportunities impossible for many students.

“Boris Johnson broke his promise when he pledged to keep the UK part of Erasmus + after Brexit, and he subjects the Turing agenda to future spending review decisions, creating a financial uncertainty for organizations and young people. “


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