Braunton tempts boy to sleep with lions


A strong fence is in the way

A boy from North Devon who spent over a year sleeping in his garden for charity and pitched his tent at London Zoo for another fundraiser.

Max Woosey, 11, will spend a night under the stars and alongside the lions to raise funds for vulnerable children on behalf of Action for Children.

Max will also help take care of some of the 20,000 animals at the zoo, doing tasks such as making late-night snacks for two porcupines, scattering nuts and seeds for the gorillas, and creating ‘an olfactory trail for the Sumatran tiger Asim. During his slumber party at the zoo, Max will help the keepers of his favorite species, the Madagascar ring-tailed lemurs.

He also takes a stuffed lemur for company.

‘Zookeeper’ Max is also others who boycott their bed for Action for Children on July 9 at a nationwide slumber party in the most unusual place they can think of.

He says, “Having slept in my backyard for 459 nights, I can’t wait to boycott my bed at the London Zoo with all of their amazing animals around me. It’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to hear them in the early hours of the morning – especially the lions, who are my neighbors for the night. I hope to hear them roar loudly near my tent!

“While I couldn’t imagine sleeping in a real bed again, I didn’t expect my adventure to take me to the zoo.”

Max with lying near the lion (courtesy: London Zoo / Action for Children)

Dr Tim O’Neill, Executive Director of Children’s Services at Action for Children, adds: “Having boycotted his own bed for over a year now, Max is the ultimate adventurer and we can’t wait to see this. that it does during the night. at the zoo.

“We are asking you to join Max and register for the sleepover night on July 9 to support the children hardest hit by the pandemic. Our services across the UK tell us that more families are facing financial hardship than ever before and vulnerable children are paying the price. ”

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