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Have you ever imagined yourself as a streamer or wanted to up your game a bit on your Twitch streams? Well, I might have the perfect setup for you! We at TC have had the chance to test all kinds of hardware over the years, but for me these 3 devices have definitely improved the streaming experience.

As you can read in the line above, I will give you an overview of my top 3 streaming devices. Let’s go and let us know your feedback on your favorite setup!


When it comes to projecting your appearance into that little box on screen, the clarity of your image is almost as important as your gameplay. People love to watch your reactions to celebrating this incredible win and also your frustrations at being flushed for the 50th time. Your webcam is your world’s portal to theirs, and it’s what gives your stream some personality.

So shabby but so powerful!

Webcams come in all shapes and sizes and while some opt for 2K, in streaming land 1080p is just as acceptable. Twitch, for example, maxes out at 1080p. If you want to run at 60 fps smoothly, you’ll need a decent bit rate!

Something small and unobtrusive sitting on your monitor is what you are looking for, so for me this has to be the Logitech Steam Cam.

With its relatively small frame, the 58mm wide by 66mm high front of the StreamCam looks like you’re ready for action. With a defined 78° field of view, it’s wide enough to encompass your background collectibles for your fans to admire, if desired.

Smile! You are in front of the camera!

The 5-foot cable has a USB 3.1 Type-C plug that should operate at 60 fps. If you decide to convert to USB-A, you’ll be sacrificing that 30fps!

If you decide you don’t want a dedicated microphone (you don’t), then the StreamCam includes a dual omnidirectional microphone with a noise reduction filter. Running on both stereo or mono channels, it’s nice to have the option should you need it. I found it handy for the rare occasions when I was brought in for a Teams call and wanted something quick and easy to answer!

So with the spec out of the way, how did it perform? Well, in all honesty, this little powerhouse is probably one of the easiest webcams I’ve ever used. Using the Logitech G HUB software, you can choose from two presets that suit streaming and video calling tastes, but you can also create your own custom configurations.

The G Hub is here for refinement

By adjusting zoom, focus, exposure, and what to prioritize, like frame rate, you can play your way. That’s of course before you notice the Video tab which lets you adjust brightness, contrast, etc., or just click on a filter preset like “zombie” or “disease” to see how the mood suits you. There’s even anti-flicker that lets you adjust from 60Hz to 50 if any of your artificial lights in the room are disrupting the picture.

The image returned to you is thankfully zero latency and the image clarity is crystal clear as you can see!


Now, while a webcam is great in most lighting modes, there are times when you’ll need a little glare. Remember, it’s your stage, your production, why not try to look your best! Enter the Logitech Litra Glow.

litra glow
For USB, it’s a powerful light!

With the LED panel measuring just 90.5mm wide and 90.5mm high, the Litra Glow at first glance, it didn’t seem like a big enough light to illuminate my face. Turning on a simple USB-A from my PC, was it really going to be effective?

Mounted securely on top of my monitor and angled to face me, it was show time. I turned on the Litra Glow using the power button behind the light and boom it was alive.

The release actually far exceeded my expectations! Once again, Logitech has produced a small powerhouse of a product. With additional buttons on the back to change the brightness up and down as well as the color of the white light, you can easily configure the lighting as you wish.

litra glow
Instant flashbang!

While the buttons on the back of the Litra Glow are handy, the easiest control was using the aforementioned Logitech G Hub where a selection of preconfigured profiles could be selected from “Bright cool blue” to “Cozy Candlelight”. Once again, you can also create your own preset using the sliders on the temperature and brightness scales to ensure you always have your favorite lighting at your fingertips.

With both visual aspects supported, there is only one device left…


As for the microphone, the iconic Blue Yeti is the favorite of streamers. With its matte finish, multi-patterned mic and audio output for monitoring, it’s a versatile and surprisingly hairless animal. The weight of the mic and stand ensures it won’t fall over despite its large size, while it’s possible to mount the mic on a boom arm if desired.

blue yeti
Don’t be afraid of the yeti!

I really took the Blue Yeti mic because it was simple to use right out of the box. A USB-A plugged in and you’re done. With a microphone gain dial for on-the-fly input control and a useful headphone volume control for adjusting output, you can make quick changes on the go without needing to stop what you’re doing in the game. You’re really spoiled for choice with this mic, whether you want to record music using the stereo setting or want to host a podcast with a few friends by selecting omnidirectional. Don’t worry, if you only have one friend, there’s a two-way pattern! For me, the Cardioid was perfect because it allows Blue Yeti to capture only the sound from the front, ideal for streaming!

blue yeti
Customize or opt for the simplest options!

If you really want to get involved with technology and personalize your sound, the Logitech G Hub is your highway to audio euphoria. By activating the “Blue Voice” parameter, you unlock not only an equalizer but a signal cleaning section that allows you to modify your mix on variables such as noise reduction, compressors, gates, limiters, etc. Once you’re happy with the playback, you can save your preset and recall it whenever you need. If that seems like too much of an effort, you can also choose from a number of presets. Also, don’t forget to try out the effects! Sinister is very cool.

Finally, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s an Nvidia Broadcast integration which, although in beta mode, helps eliminate any background noise such as unwanted sounds and echoes! Is there anything this mic can’t do?

To put the Blue Yeti through his steps, my speech was so rich and clear. There’s a not-so-surprising difference between a cheap mic and a more expensive one. Having played in bands for 20 years, I can only echo this from experience. With a few quick tweaks to the mic gain and moving the mic to a good location where I wouldn’t bump into it anytime soon, my streaming setup is complete!

The incredible range of streaming!

Final Thoughts

You get what you pay for when it comes to technology and in this case, it doesn’t just give you a clearer look and sound, it gives you a boost of confidence when streaming. No more loud mics or grainy webcam images due to low light issues. Instead, you can allow your viewers to enjoy the richness of your soft tones and the soft glow of shimmering light from your crystalline forehead. With the Logitech Streamcam, Litra Glow and Blue YetiI hope I have given you some inspiration in the world of streaming!

Disclaimer: Samples were received to write this review.

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